Signs Your Commercial Ice Maker Needs Repairs

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Produce the best ice cubes all the time by looking out for these ice maker problems!

No matter what time of year, your restaurant, hotel, food truck, school, etc., needs ice to keep drinks cold and prepare specific meals. The demand for ice cubes never goes away, even in the dead of winter. It pays to keep an eye on your commercial ice maker. Here are the top signs your commercial ice maker needs repairs. Is yours in good shape? 

Top Signs Your Commercial Ice Maker Needs Repairs

Malformed Ice Cubes

Ice cubes that are not entirely frozen or malformed are a sign that something is amiss. It is possible that a part is either installed incorrectly or needs repairing or replacing. Check it out to get the best ice cubes.

An Ice Bridge

An ice bridge is a formation of ice along the part where ice cubes come out of the ice maker into its storage compartment. Are you seeing ice building up? If so, it will eventually block the entire ice maker. It could be a sign of a malfunctioning part.

Reduced Output

Similarly, you should be alarmed if you notice your ice maker failing to produce the same amount of ice each day or cycle. While you could inspect it for yourself, it is easier to have a professional check it out.

Smelly Ice

Smelly ice is usually a sign that the commercial ice machine is dirty. One cannot stress enough how important it is to clean the commercial ice maker, especially since ice can harbor so much bacteria and even mold. Avoid those problems by upholding a cleaning routine. If that is not the issue, it is likely something wrong with the machine.


If your ice machine has a puddle of water around the base or it is dripping water, you need not question further. Leaking is the most common sign your commercial ice maker needs repairs. 

Loud Noises

Loud noises from your ice maker could mean that two parts are vibrating against each other when they shouldn’t. In general, it is not good. If you are very concerned, turn off the machine and check for malfunctioning parts.

Excessive Heat

Is your ice maker hot to the touch? Make sure your commercial ice machine has enough ventilation. Once again, turn off the machine if you are very concerned and call a professional.

Machine Parts Falling Apart

Is your ice maker held together with duct tape? Is it even showing signs of rust? It might be time to replace worn-out parts or replace the machine altogether.

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