The Many Types of Commercial Ranges

The Many Types of Commercial Ranges

Looking for a commercial range? There’s an option to suit your needs.

Did you know there are so many different versions of a commercial range? The range, the appliance combining the oven and the stovetop, is the most basic equipment for any food service that serves hot food. In the food industry, it’s important to choose the best appliance for your needs. Below is a look at the many types of commercial ranges that could be yours. If you need a commercial range maintenance or emergency repair company you can call in Maryland, add Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc., to your contacts!

Commercial Range Styles

The main types of commercial ranges are:

  • Restaurant ranges: Basic, lighter-weight ranges that are still nimble and powerful enough to handle busy restaurant kitchens.
  • Heavy-duty ranges: These ranges have a higher BTU with power connectors on the sides or front to accommodate different configurations. They usually sit alongside a battery of other heavy-duty commercial kitchen appliances.
  • Specialty ranges: These ranges are for specific kinds of cooking and cookware. Two major ones are woks for Asian cuisine and stock pots for soups, stews, etc.

Commercial Range Fuel Sources

As with home kitchen appliances, commercial kitchen ranges use either:

  • Natural gas: Gas cooktops have been the go-to for top chefs and heralded as the best way to prepare fine cuisine. Gas-powered ranges are the only kind with open burners.
  • Propane: An alternative to natural gas is propane, which still produces the same cooking benefits.
  • Electricity: Electric ranges are still fierce competition and are more affordable than gas ones. You also have the option of an induction cooktop if you go with an electric range.

Commercial Range Sizes

The size of your range depends on how much food you need to prepare at a time and what kind of food. Different ranges have different cooktops, such as griddles, French top burners, and induction burners. You can find cooktops with 1-12 burners and combination cooktops. 

Commercial Range Cooktop Styles

Types of commercial range cooktops include:

  • Open burners
  • French top burners
  • Even-heat top
  • Tubular burners
  • Induction cooktops
  • Griddle

Commercial Range Base Styles

Last but not least, you can find these types of commercial range bases:

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