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Are your commercial cooking appliances calibrated for the new year?

Commercial kitchens can get tons of use or just minimal use per year. No matter how often you use your commercial kitchen equipment, it will eventually wear out, but not in the way you might think. Some parts need calibrating bi-monthly, monthly, or yearly, depending on how often you use the machinery. Here, you can learn about calibrating cooking equipment, such as the what, why, and how. If you have any questions or would like a professional to calibrate your cooking equipment in Maryland, call Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc.!

What Is Calibration?

Calibration is the adjusting of measuring tools so that they remain accurate. It applies to lab equipment, processing tools, environmental measuring tools, and food equipment. Calibration tests the accuracy of detectors, thermometers, meters, scales, and other such devices and makes adjustments as necessary. 

What Equipment Needs Calibrating?

Concerning cooking equipment specifically, the tools that need calibrating include ovens, scales, mixers, and refrigerators. Namely, the list includes anything with a thermometer, scale, or measuring instrument that could become inaccurate. 

Why Is Calibrating Cooking Equipment Important?

Calibrating cooking equipment matters to the point that it could shut down your business if you fail to do it. If the thermometer or scale is inaccurate, your ingredient measurements can be off, your fridge can cause your food to decay, and your oven could catch fire or undercook your food. If the food is undercooked and you are not aware, it could cause your customers to become ill. One bad experience often ends a business-customer relationship, especially concerning restaurants. Therefore, calibrating cooking equipment matters for various reasons, including the following:

  • Protecting your customers’ health
  • Stewarding your business well
  • Protecting your kitchen staff’s safety
  • Ensuring the functionality of your cooking equipment

How Do You Calibrate Cooking Equipment?

The first step is to set a schedule. You can look at the manufacturer’s directions for the best guidance. Once again, the frequency of your calibration schedule will depend on how much use the equipment gets. It’s best to have a certified professional calibrate your cooking tools for you; if you are in Maryland, Pine Heights is at your service!

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