Commercial Kitchen Safety Starts with You!

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Commercial kitchen safety starts with you!

Commercial kitchen safety is a must-have. Commercial kitchens are risky places; although trained workers do their best and know their way around a kitchen, the risk of an accident is always there. Sharp cooking appliances, fire, and water are constant hazards. Even when focusing on the job, safety is still essential. Commercial kitchen safety starts with you!

Commercial Kitchen Safety Starts with You!

Commercial kitchen safety is ultimately up to individuals to carry out. The tools don’t hurt people; it is people’s mistakes that can cause problems. With that being said, commercial kitchen safety is a culture that starts with your own awareness and habits. Everyone plays their part, and it starts with you!

Take Your Time; Don’t Rush!

One way you can stay safe in the commercial kitchen is to take your time, no matter what your role is in the kitchen. Whether you are washing dishes, slicing meat, or whipping up a meal on the stove, take your time! Don’t rush! Take care to do your part properly, learn how to use each appliance the right way, and not fumble or have tools flying!

Stay Aware of the Risks

When you are on the job, you are likely thinking more about preparing the meal, making the beverage, or doing other tasks than how to stay safe from the hazards of the kitchen. This is a good thing, but at the same time, you can think positively and act smart. Use the best safety practices to operate in the kitchen successfully.

Communicate with Each Other

If you notice something wrong, such as a personal health concern or an appliance malfunction, do not hesitate to speak up. Communicate with your superiors. Each party should be open to listening to each other. How can a team be successful without good communication? 

Avoid the Consequences of Commercial Kitchen Injuries

If commercial kitchen injuries happen, a significant percentage of the team is out. Customer delays could happen, and everyone must pull together to make up for the temporary loss. No one wants another member down. Together, you can achieve commercial kitchen safety in Maryland.

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