When to Replace Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When to Replace Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Is it time to replace your commercial kitchen appliances?

Replacing commercial kitchen equipment can be a large feat, involving scheduling the removal of your old equipment and installing something new. It can be quite a large investment and event in your commercial kitchen. It is wise to keep up with planned maintenance and repairs to lengthen the lives of your appliances, but when should you replace commercial kitchen equipment? Here is when you can absolutely know.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Your Safety Is in Jeopardy

Are you and others working in the commercial kitchen safe? Are they in danger in any way? If the equipment has a gas leak or is at risk of catching fire, disconnect it from power and replace it. If you have a gas leak in your commercial kitchen, address it at once. 

The Equipment Is Highly Inefficient

Some wonder if older cooking equipment was built better than new ones. It is true that your older ovens and fridges are likely to last longer, but they also are more likely to use a lot more energy. They are not as energy-efficient, and at some point, you might be better off with a new appliance.

The Equipment No Longer Meets Your Needs

It could be that the cooking appliance is in perfect condition, but it no longer meets your business’s needs. You might have changed the menu or need a bigger or better instrument. If you have an appliance that is in great condition, see if you could sell it used at our store in Baltimore, MD.

The Equipment Is on Its Last Legs

Is your commercial kitchen equipment very old for its make and model? It would be better to replace it at some point than to repair it forever. You might end up finding a new model that has more useful features and saves more energy.

It Costs More to Repair Than Replace

Does the repair cost more than the replacement cost? Go with the cheaper route to save money.

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