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Need commercial countertop appliance repair? Call Pine Heights!

The commercial kitchen is what makes any food service function. It is the heart of the operations behind the scenes where all the magic happens. However, commercial kitchen appliances need maintenance from time to time, and things can go wrong. If you need commercial countertop appliance repair in the Baltimore area, you can find it with Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc.!

When You Need Commercial Countertop Appliance Repair

How can you be sure you need commercial countertop appliance repair? When is it really necessary to call a professional? If the appliance has completely broken down or has broken parts, then there is no way you can fix it yourself. You will need a repairman to evaluate the situation and source and install replacement parts if repair is possible. If the issue is an internal but fixable one, you will want a professional to handle it for safety reasons.

Why Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc.?

Why should you choose Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc.? At Pine Heights, we are dedicated to offering excellent commercial kitchen repair services for less! We keep prices as affordable as possible. Pine Heights services all kinds of Maryland commercial kitchens, is legally certified to do so, and has long-term relationships with various businesses. We’ve been in operation since 1971 and are an independent, veteran-owned, family-owned and operated business. Feel free to contact us for a quote!

Let Us Come to You or You to Us

With commercial countertop appliances, we can come to your location, or you can bring your appliance to ours at 2900 West Patapsco Ave. in Baltimore. If you bring it to us, the repair work will be out of your way, and you can have it back as good as new within a reasonable timeframe.

Used Appliances and New Parts

You might be able to find used appliances in good condition at our location for sale. You can also be assured that we will repair broken parts with new, OEM parts, which are essential for equipment to perform their best. Once again, we are happy to talk with you about your commercial countertop appliance repair needs.

Contact Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc.!

Since 1971, Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc. has been the leader in Commercial Kitchen Equipment Services in the greater Baltimore Metropolitan area. We specialize in Restaurant Equipment Repair Services, Commercial Refrigeration, Preventive Maintenance, in-shop repairs, and over-the-counter parts.

At Pine Heights, our motto is simple: “Quality Service for Less.” We provide the highest level of commercial maintenance for a competitive rate. We are veteran and family-owned and operated and located in Baltimore at 2900 West Patapsco Ave., Baltimore, MD 21230.

If you are ready for reliable Commercial Kitchen Equipment Services in Maryland, contact us today by phone, fax, or at our Baltimore location! Also, keep in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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