My Commercial Fridge Needs New Parts!

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If your fridge needs new parts, it’s worth getting OEM parts!

Is your commercial refrigerator showing signs of wear and tear, or worse? If it is failing to keep cool, it’s best to keep the door closed until you can have a technician come and see what the issue is. If possible, move the refrigerated ingredients, dishes, and supplies to a different refrigerator. A malfunctioning commercial fridge is no fun; if your commercial fridge needs new parts, here is what to do. At Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc., in Maryland, you can count on us to help you with your commercial kitchen appliance needs!

Diagnosing Your Commercial Fridge’s Problem

The first step is to stay calm and figure out what the commercial refrigerator’s problem is. It might be something obvious, like a leaky gasket or a broken door. It could also be something you can’t see but has symptoms you can notice, like an odd sound, an odd smell, or excessive heat. It might even be a leak. If you are having trouble knowing what the issue is, you can look up the symptoms of your fridge problem online or on our blog. Better yet, you can call a commercial food equipment repairman to give their expert diagnosis.

Finding a Commercial Fridge Repair Company

A commercial fridge repair company should be local enough to you to come to your aid should it be an emergency. The repair company should have great customer reviews, a trained and experienced team, and the services that you need. For commercial fridges in commercial or public premises, it’s best to have a repair company’s contact information on hand so you know who to call for an emergency. Pine Heights is happy to partner with you in the Baltimore/Columbia area.

Finding the Right Replacement Parts

Your local fridge repairman should be able to answer all your questions about what is wrong with your fridge. If it turns out that it needs a new part, then it is best to choose an OEM part. OEM parts are parts sold separately from the whole machines that you can buy them to replace parts of the same make and model. These parts differ from universal equipment parts, which are meant to fit equipment from different brands and series. The parts created for the original machine by the same manufacturer are the best type of replacement parts.

Preserving Your Commercial Fridge Is Worth It

Replacing the malfunctioning fridge parts with OEM parts is worth it. Even if your fridge is old, it can last for some more years in great condition with the right machinery and care. 

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