Commercial Kitchens Should Avoid These Emergencies

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Don’t let your commercial kitchen fall prey to these common emergencies.

Even when everything is going well, you never know when an emergency can strike, a situation where people, equipment, and ingredients run into danger. You might imagine the riskiest jobs in the world to be on oil rigs and mines, but the truth is, you run into a lot more hazards when working in a restaurant or another food service establishment than plenty of other arenas. Commercial kitchens should avoid these emergencies and be prepared for if or when they do happen.

Most Common Emergencies in Commercial Kitchens

The most likely types of emergencies you’ll ever run into in a commercial kitchen would be, but not limited to, the following scenarios:

  • Fire: A fire is more likely to break out in the kitchen than many other indoor areas. It can start from malfunctioning appliances, appliances left on for hours, dirty, greasy objects, and other sources.
  • Power outage: Power outages are not unlikely during a commercial kitchen’s lifespan in Maryland. Commercial premises with kitchens should be prepared for the event with generators, extra coolers, etc.
  • Foodborne illnesses: Unhygienic practices can lead to customers and employees alike getting food poisoning, which generally results in the sickened customer never returning. It can be so bad that the establishment must shut down.
  • Water damage/flooding: Plumbing or appliance problems can lead to commercial kitchen flooding. Aside from water pipes, broken refrigerators and ice makers could also be culprits.
  • Gas leaks: When using gas ranges, gas leaks are always a potential threat. Carbon monoxide detectors should be in place and operational at all times.
  • Chemical cleaner or other toxic spills: Some chemicals used for kitchen maintenance are highly flammable and can start a fire if not contained or used properly.
  • Accidental spills: Accidents happen. A team member might have spilled food or drink or dropped glass or dishware, resulting in germs and bits of shards on the floor.
  • An employee injury: If one gets hurt, it affects everyone. A burn, cut, scrape, or fall counts as a type of commercial kitchen emergency.
  • Appliance breakdown: If your oven, fridge, or another piece of equipment suddenly stops working, your food and operations can quickly go downhill.

Commercial Kitchen Safety and Maintenance Are Essential

Maintaining order and cleanliness in the commercial kitchen will generally prevent all emergencies, besides power outages. What’s more, planned maintenance by a professional you can count on will give you the edge. Put Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc., as your commercial kitchen equipment repair contact in Maryland!

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