The Cost of Commercial Kitchen Mishaps


A commercial kitchen involves many parts. Avoid mistakes by following these tips.

Commercial kitchens could be in the back of restaurants, behind school cafeterias, and inside food trucks. These profiting kitchens are in more places than restaurants alone. Should a mistake happen, the cost could be pricey. What’s at stake for the cost of commercial kitchen mishaps?

Commercial Kitchen Mishaps: What’s at Stake?

The Cost of Lost Customers

Only loyal customers will stick it out with you after a bad or subpar dining experience. Food poisoning is no joke and typically sends customers running, never to return. If the food is cold when it should be hot and hot when it should be cold, you also run into disappointment. These losses are the risks of malfunctioning commercial food appliances.

Lost Sales from Downtime

If cooking appliances fail, it slows down or completely does away with customer orders. It could be so bad that you have to close down temporarily for emergency service. The more downtime appliances have, the more the lost sales pile up, particularly for restaurants, delis, food trucks, food carts, take-outs, etc.

The Expense of Employee Health

Another kind of commercial kitchen mishap would be an employee injury. It could be a cut, a burn, a slip-and-fall, etc. If the kitchen was an unsafe and unhygienic area, the establishment could be liable for the accident. You also would be down one employee who helps streamline your commercial kitchen cooking.

Shortened Equipment Lifespans

The more problems with kitchen appliances themselves, the shorter their lifespans will be. You can avoid many appliance problems by keeping up with daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning, which removes excess weight caused by gunk. You should also follow the manufacturer’s instructions on other ways to maintain each machine.

Shortened equipment lifespans mean that you will have higher maintenance bills and more frequent replacements, which gets expensive.

Avoid All That with Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance!

You can avoid all of the disasters mentioned above with the help of professional commercial kitchen equipment maintenance. A professional maintenance check will help you catch and fix small problems before they become large, expensive, and possibly dangerous. Let Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc., help keep your kitchen running well in Maryland.

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