Why Use OEM Parts for Commercial Kitchen Appliances?


Are OEM parts good for your kitchen’s appliances? See why here.

When appliances in your commercial kitchen break down or have a broken part, it’s time to find replacement parts that will return functionality to your essential appliances. When replacing parts, you must decide between generic or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. OEM parts often have the upper hand because these spare parts are an exact replica of the original components. If you choose not to use OEM parts for commercial kitchen appliances, you have to know that you will face potential risks. When you need to replace your appliance parts, contact Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service for the OEM parts you need. 

Understand the Differences Between OEM and Aftermarket Parts

OEM Parts Are Guaranteed High Quality

OEM parts for commercial kitchen appliances conform to identical standards of the original parts. Manufacturers analyze why genuine pieces fail and then create an improved design for repairs or replacements. When using OEMs, you can be confident that the spare part matches your equipment’s operation and lasts longer. OEMs also go through many tests and are guaranteed high quality, putting them at a higher price point than aftermarket parts. If your equipment is under warranty, you must use an OEM part and certified installer to keep the warranty active. 

Aftermarket Parts are a Lower Cost Generic Option

Aftermarket parts are from a company other than the original manufacturer. This means aftermarket parts are generic and cost less than OEM parts. You may need to purchase aftermarket parts if your equipment goes out of warranty. Ultimately, OEMs are an ideal choice because these components match your equipment precisely. Your kitchen recruitment may not align with the element if you choose an aftermarket option. The production standards OEMs go through will enhance their durability and performance. 

Is There Risk Involved with Using Non-OEM Kitchen Equipment Parts? 

There are several risks associated with using non-OEM commercial kitchen equipment parts. The specific risks depend on your equipment and business, but consider how non-OEMs may influence the following. 

  • Potential Incompatibility: Generic parts do not always meet your equipment manufacturer’s specifications. It is not a guarantee that the part will match your unit. The equipment may also fail to meet the threshold of safety operations and create liability concerns. 
  • Shorter Life Cycle: OEM parts undergo tests to protect your equipment and parts from wear and tear. Non-OEM parts may or may not undergo testing. This means non-OEM parts are more likely to be less durable and of lower quality. 
  • Health Concerns: Manufacturers of OEM parts undergo tests by the National Sanitation Foundation to ensure that the parts adhere to the US FDA requirements. When you use OEM kitchen parts, you can be sure these items are safe and won’t contaminate food. 
  • Potential Damage to Equipment: Incompatibility issues from generic parts may reduce your appliance’s functionality. Components may wear out faster or become faulty. For example, a non-OEM controller may cause a fryer to overheat or burn food. 

If you want to guarantee that your appliance will return to optimal functionality, contact Pine Heights for the best OEM parts for commercial kitchen appliances. 


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